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International Dinner

Come support Rotary and enjoy some tasty food!

¡Bienvenidos a abril!

Well, just like that Spring Break is over in a blink of an eye! The next few weeks are BUSY ones, with SBAC testing, lots of student activities that might mean missing a class or more, AP testing, and much more!  It is NEVER too late to start using a planner- time management and good organizational skills will be the keys to success the next 2.5 months.


La pintura: Mariano Gonzalez Chavajay, artista guatemalteco/maya (tz’utuhil) “Vista de pájaro”

¡Semestre 2!

If you have’t yet taken the survey below for the Do Something Club!, help them out- it takes less than 3 minutes and gives them valuable feedback.

Looking for a little light reading in Spanish? How about the Student Handbook…en español!     student_handbook_2016-17_spanish

Take this survey!


The Do Something Club is currently working on a campaign to eliminate the sale of plastic water bottles in the school.  They are currently gathering student feedback. Take this survey and help out!




¡Feliz año nuevo! 2017

Bienvenidos a 2017.  La nueva imagen aquí es una pintura del artista mexicano, Rufino Tamayo y se llama “Perro de luna”.

Welcome/ Bienvenidos

Welcome to OlyOso and the 2015-2016 school year!

This is where you will find resources, announcements, and more related to Señora Murphy’s Spanish classes. Please use the menu on the left for class specific information.

I will use this main page for posting general announcements that apply to all students.

This website is updated and edited almost daily so check back regularly! Students are ultimately responsible for knowing what their responsibilities are so if it’s announced/on the board in class, it’s due!

And now…a little something to get you moving!

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