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¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Happy Holidays and New Year to all!!!

To Do List:

  1. Enjoy time with friends and family!
  2. Sleep!
  3. Spend time outside!
  4. Read for pleasure!
  5. Then, take advantage of the time to review and practice. 🙂

Spanish 2 students: check out the Extended Learning Opportunities (due Jan 22).

AP Spanish 4 students: start work on answering the Guerra Sucia questions (due the Friday we return)


To explore:

  1. Just how big are certain countries or states in comparison with others? Check out this fun interactive map: True Size World Map
  2. Play this fun language game: https://lingyourlanguage.com/
  3. Or this one: https://www.languagesquad.com/
  4. Get inspired to travel and smile at the power of dance to bring people together: http://www.wheretheheckismatt.com/
  5. Practice your Spanish, karaoke style! https://lyricstraining.com/es

Responde y dime lo que piensas.

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