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Closure update

Hola a todos…

I’m sure you’ve all seen the emails from the district but I thought I’d post here as well.

For Spanish classes:  Per instructions from the district there will be no assigned work nor assessed work this week. We don’t yet know what that will look like moving forwards.

For those who want to continue using their Spanish, I will be posting on the calendar of each class page with ideas and links. For my AP students who may be most concerned about lost class time, there will be plenty that we can do to stay engaged with Spanish in fun ways.

** Head to Schoology and join the Locura musical group (I posted instructions in a discussion)!! Keep watching the videos and voting!!  2 votes open this week!!!! ***

Take advantage of this time to read for pleasure, get outside in this beautiful spring weather, and reconnect with your family.

Check in with friends & peers who may be feeling isolated. It’s important that we help each other maintain a sense of connection and community during this time.

I truly miss seeing all your faces!  Feel free to e-mail me silly photos or jokes or share something cool you discovered related to Spanish!

~Sra. Murphy 🙂

Noticias del final del año

What a great year 2018-2019 was! I was so incredibly lucky to spend my days with my amazing students!

Before talking about some Spanish resources, I’d like to encourage my students to check out the Compassion 2020 opportunity created by the Association of Washington Generals: https://www.wagenerals.org/compassion2020

If you are passionate about your community and learning about how you can be a leader who promotes compassion and would like to travel to India and meet the Dalai Lama(!), this is for you!! Applications are due July 31st. I’d love to see one of our awesome OHS student leaders be part of the small delegation.


One question I get asked a lot is: What should/can I do over the summer to keep up my Spanish? Well, here are some ideas:

  1. Listen to music in Spanish. Start with our Locura de Marzo lists and explore artists you enjoy, look up lyrics to songs, and sing along!
  2. Binge some Spanish-language tv and films. With Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more, there are endless possibilities! Consider turning on SPANISH subtitles instead of English ones. Use www.lyricstraining.com
  3. Take advantage of all the video resources on Youtube! Watch a cheesy Spanish learners series like Extra en español or Destinos. Or explore the thousands of videos designed for Spanish speakers.
  4. Follow the news. Use authentic sites like https://www.bbc.com/mundo     or     https://www.un.org/es/     or   https://elpais.com/elpais/portada_america.html    or     http://lanic.utexas.edu/la/region/news/
  5. OR  if you want a slowed down version of the news to listen to:   https://www.newsinslowspanish.com 
  6. For upper level students, exploring Spanish language podcasts is a great resource. Often times there are written transcripts available as well. My personal favorite is www.radioambulante.org
  7. For upper level students- read fiction. Try this: Harry_Potter_y_la_Piedra_Filosofal_01


If you receive Remind text messages on a phone with Verizon for your carrier, at the end of the month you will not longer receive these texts. This is due to Verizon charging Remind an additional fee. Please be sure to download the free app and turn on notifications and/or e-mail notifications.

More information: https://www.remind.com/resources/verizon-fee?utm_source=Braze&utm_medium=IAM&utm_campaign=verizonq119&utm_content=free_teachers&utm_term=null


Les deseo a todos mis estudiantes y sus familias un nuevo año espectacular. Miren este video que hizo una peruana sobre las celebraciones para el Año Nuevo en Perú.

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

Happy Holidays and New Year to all!!!

To Do List:

  1. Enjoy time with friends and family!
  2. Sleep!
  3. Spend time outside!
  4. Read for pleasure!
  5. Then, take advantage of the time to review and practice. 🙂

Spanish 2 students: check out the Extended Learning Opportunities (due Jan 22).

AP Spanish 4 students: start work on answering the Guerra Sucia questions (due the Friday we return)


To explore:

  1. Just how big are certain countries or states in comparison with others? Check out this fun interactive map: True Size World Map
  2. Play this fun language game: https://lingyourlanguage.com/
  3. Or this one: https://www.languagesquad.com/
  4. Get inspired to travel and smile at the power of dance to bring people together: http://www.wheretheheckismatt.com/
  5. Practice your Spanish, karaoke style! https://lyricstraining.com/es

Los Premios Grammy- el 15 de noviembre

Get ready… the 2018 Latin Grammy Awards are happening on November 15th!

Listen to the Spotify list of nominees:


Check out the Latino Grammy website and read about who will be performing and making appearances: https://www.latingrammy.com

Who do YOU want to win?

Watch at 8pm on November 15th on Univision 

¡Bienvenidos! Welcome

Welcome to a new school year! It’s wonderful to be back and catch up with previous students and meet new ones. As we start in on the new year, please be sure to communicate with me if you have ANY questions or concerns. Feel free to stop by after school or if that doesn’t work, e-mail is best! hmurphy@osd.wednet.edu 


Spanish 2 students

–> check out the «Español 2» page (link on lefthand side of this page)

–> make sure you’ve completed and returned both the student and family surveys

–> bring in a composition notebook for Monday, September 10th.

–> bookmark this website & get connected on Quizlet and Remind

AP Spanish 4 students:

–> check out the «Español 4 AP» page (link on lefthand side of this page)

–> make sure you’ve completed and returned both the student and family surveys

–> you’ll need a 3-ring binder with dividers (1.5″) and either loose leaf paper or a notebook

–> bookmark this website & get connected on Quizlet and Remind