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 This is the main page for Sra. Murphy’s Spanish 2 classes.  This is where you can find useful information about class including due dates for assignments, links to documents and other resources.  I will be updating and editing this page and its contents almost daily so check in frequently! Feel free to e-mail with any questions you may have, keeping in mind that I might not be able to get back to you until the next day:  hmurphy@osd.wednet.edu


SYLLABUS: Spanish 2.Syllabus.2017.2018

Helpful links:

Join Remind for occasional text updates: https://www.remind.com/join/f874ff

JOIN CLASS ON QUIZLET: https://quizlet.com/join/Jfc8M2KmE

Need conjugation practice? –> www.conjuguemos.com  

El calendario:

el 18 al 22 de septiembre-

lunes, el 18: Palabras interrogativas/ Question words foldable in notebook


tarea: Make sure the 2 Quizlet lists are printed and in your notebook!!

                 Go through Review verb list and highlight/color code irregular verbs, irregular yo, stem-changers and write in irregular forms

martes, el 19: ¡Elotes! https://youtu.be/gSKCexgCyQs

  tarea: Start studying verb list on Quizlet.

miércoles, el 20: Terminamos palabras interrogativas (2 additional – ¿Por qué? ¿Para qué?)/ Review of present tense conjugations (regular endings, stem-changers, irregulars, irregular ‘yo’/ Arriba & abajo (2nd period)

    tarea: Study verb list on Quizlet/ 2nd period- work on Arriba/ Abajo

jueves, el 21: Arriba/ Abajo Arriba Abajo.review verbs from SPA 1 Try making your own!

tarea: write 8 questions in notebook : Palabras interrogativas

viernes, el 22: Pair work w/ homework questions/ Complex verb foldable

Verbos complejos

   tarea: Study lists on Quizlet. Practice conjugations!

el 11 al 15 de septiembre-

el 11 de septiembre: Repasamos syllabus/  Los 8 verbos omnipotentes (ser)

el 12 de septiembre:Los 8 verbos omnipotentes (tener)/ ¿Quién soy?–> written activity

Repaso de conjugaciones (Conjugation review) Review verbs. practice

tarea: Terminar el repaso de conjugaciones

el 13 de septiembre: Entregar (turn in) tarea/ Actividad “Bingo personal” con ‘gustar’

Que te gusta hacercomer (1)

el 14 de septiembre:

el 15 de septiembre:


Responde y dime lo que piensas.

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