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La locura de marzo: ¡música!


Ronda 1, Voto 1:  La libertad, Álvaro Soler

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Lista de 2020: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/0T8Up7wFwejlwiv5QusVwb?si=3LHsYiA-RA-2TMWO3Ncjcw

2019 Latin Grammys:

Listen to the following songs in each category, then fill out the Google form at the end with your vote!  See if you can predict the winners for tonight’s Latin Grammy Awards!

Song of the Year:

Urban Song of the Year:


Alternative Song:


Ranchero/Mariachi Album:


Pop Song:


Salsa Album:

Vote for your favorites and then watch the 2019 Latin Grammys tonight (11/14) on Univisión at 8 pm:

Google form to vote:    https://forms.gle/Pwsv2omQsmiVYA1x7

Previous Years’ Locura Musical –>

2019 Locura musical:

Spotify list:

2019 French list:

2018 Locura musical

Spotify list: https://goo.gl/65i7mr

Ganador: ¡Robarte un beso! http://viewpure.com/Mtau4v6foHA?start=0&end=0

Kahoot!: https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/39655cec-b61e-46bc-8b0e-4c8cf70588b4

 French Spotify list:


French winning songhttps://youtu.be/8AF-Sm8d8yk

German list: https://youtu.be/SpwHbLi1eE0

(PLUS: https://www.universal-music.de/zwei-von-millionen/videos/auf-deine-freiheit-madizin-mix-423180 )

German winning song:


2017 Spotify list and winner: 

Spotify listhttps://open.spotify.com/user/k8chan/playlist/2u0AMbmfJZSbfNjbLYI1FZ

Learn lyrics! https://lyricstraining.com/es


Play a Kahoot! with the Locura musical songs (2017): https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/417a9da5-ef0e-4770-a841-cf94418ad28b


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