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Recursos de la Red/ Web Resources (y más)


 Quizlet!!! (vocabulary lists and practice)  join your class (search under username «hmurphy8»)


Conjuguemos!!!!  (practice your conjugations)

Dropbox  (Make sure you have written down our log-in and password to gain access).  I will be posting all documents/activities, etc. here rather than making tons of copies.  Also, this is where you will turn in assignments that you’ve done on the iPads.

Google Mail:  olyoso308@gmail.com   (All iPads must have this as the default e-mail.  This is also the log-in for DropBox.  Not for personal use, only for class.  Remember we can ALL see the e-mails that come and go from this account!)


Write down all log-ins and passwords.  Spanish 2 students, you can do this in your Web Resources section of your notebook.


Looking for the syllabus?

Spanish 2–>


Español 2

AP Spanish 4 –>

AP Spanish 4–> Español 4 AP

Want reminders sent to you via text?

Spanish 2–>document

AP Spanish 4–>document(1)


Blank verb chart here!blank verb charts

Sitios esenciales

El colegio: http://olympia.osd.wednet.edu/


Quizlet: http://quizlet.com/    Vocabulary lists and practice.


Responde y dime lo que piensas.

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